Thyroid Disease: Endocrinology, Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiotherapy (1st Edition)

Editor: Stephen A. Falk, M.D., F.A.C.S. / Copyright 1990 Raven Press / Courtesy of Wolters Kluwer Rights and Permissions

Symptoms: A Medical Text Book

Sick to Death! believes that there is an enormous amount of useful medical information which has fallen into obscurity and is not being used by most modern medical practitioners. During the coming months and possibly years, we will be seeking to bring important information back to the forefront of the medical community and to thyroid patients through this website and advocacy campaigns that begin here or with partner organizations and individuals.

"Thyroid patients are rarely treated clinically these days but rather as a test result. This practice leaves millions of people suffering. When I first saw the following 1990 medical text describing systemic symptoms of thyroid disease, I was dumbfounded because it read like the story of my life, but no one was listening.  Let’s make this information known!"

– Maggie Hadleigh-West