If you are an individual and would like to rent Sick to Death! here it is!

If you are interested in hosting a screening as a group, please see below.

Watching a documentary in a group or through a community screening is a helpful model in sharing new concepts and moving individuals to action.  You can share your journey with thyroid disease through Sick to Death! If you are not affected by this disease directly, we need your voice too. We all need to increase awareness and advocate for patients rights. Register here to host a screening if you are an individual, patient, or community group! 

(Please choose if you'd prefer to stream or receive a DVD.)

If you'd like to arrange a filmmaker screening or are part of a patient group, email for more information.

Check out our FAQ for more information on how to host a Sick to Death! screening.


Gather a crowd–no matter how large–and be entertained and edified.